It’s on again but as always, I have no idea what will happen. Will this time be the one?

First time

It was alright. Our fly fishing skills were not impressive but we did actually catch some big trout. Most on dries of course. But you know, we we’re in our early 20s and had other things in our head than dry fly fishing – how could we that stupid and waste valuable fishing time by doing activities that didn’t involve a fly rod?

Year: 2001-2002

Time: c 5 months

Fishing rating:  4/5

Good decision: YES

Second time

I managed to get a scholarship from the University so the decision was easy. I postponed my graduation and went dodding instead. Had some bad luck with lots of rain but when the weather was fine so was the fishing.

Year: 2006-2007

Time: c 7 weeks

Fishing rating: 4/5

Good decision: YES

Third time

I was in deep agony. It was full winter and I was dreaming of crystal clear back county rivers. Two of my friend told me that they were planning on going there for some three weeks. I told them that they should stay for longer or stay home. The next day I bought a really over priced ticket and tagged along. We experienced some massive droughts and super though fishing. I think I landed two trout on that trip.

Year: 2010-2011

Time: c 3 weeks

Fishing rating: 2/5

Good decision: YES

Fourth time

This was it. With lots of experience, new knowledge and years of gearthing I was more prepared than ever. It didn’t make things worse that we were in total seven friends, all with the same goal. However, it wasn’t it. The whole trip was devastated with rain. I’ve never experienced such a disaster. We had some good dodding even now and then but it was really, really frustrating at times.

Year: 2013-2014

Time: c 7 weeks

Fishing rating: 3/5

Good decision: YES

Fifth time

Now, it’s time for the fifth time. This time I’m very fortunate to travel with Emilie. Both of us have some unsealed business with some trout that we need to take care of. I’m sure whatever happens that we’ll experience something we didn’t think we would experience. That’s what New Zealand is about. You never know what you gona get.


Yes, if I rank just the fishing on my previous trips two of them have offered some good fishing. The other two have been problematic due to the weather. Will this perhaps be the one when we finally will experience New Zealand at it’s best again. I know just how good you can be. Please let this be 3/5. If there’s one thing I’m really sure of, it’ll be the answer to the question: Good decision?

New Zealand is always a good decision.



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