The result

I don’t like to refer to results when it comes to fishing. However, since my vocabulary is limited in this language it was the best word I could find. I would like to sum up the travel me and Emilie did to New Zealand. Was it the 3/5?

In real life I’m not a man of many words. When my friends are talking about.. well, things that friends are talking about I usually sit quiet and think about huge salmon runs or epic hatches instead. To keep this simple for both me and you I’ll thus apply my real life quietness into few words and let the photos talk instead.

In total we woke up to the sun just three mornings. The rest were cloudy and rainy and didn’t produce any high fives or back lit smoke.

When conditions are good in New Zealand this is what you can expect to see in the rivers. 

Good conditions also pays to persistent anglers with a trout or two.

Between the never-ending rainstorms that hit the west coast we trekked the bush to the upper, upper parts of some very vast rivers.

We hooked trout, some of them really big ones but we lost way too many of them.

Fortunate as we were we also got to explore some of the most beautiful valleys on planet earth.

What’s a fly fishing blog without the classic grip-and-grin photos? 

If you have read this far and payed attention to the photos you might think:

– Yes, I’m so happy for Stefan and Emilie. They seemed to have had some awesome fishing.

Well mate, we hadn’t. It sucked. Everything else however was epic. We got to see and explore so many new places and even if the weather wasn’t at our side everything else was. Fly fishing isn’t just about catching the big trout some say, it’s about the adventure itself to find that special trout. I totally agree.

And oh, the result? It’s impossible to rate it so I rather finish this post with the last photo of Sjödén and Emilie when they summarizes it as it should be – Shared happiness is double happiness.




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