I’m from Dalarna. That’s why my swedish and english sounds kind of weird. Now I live in Umeå in northern Sweden.

In the brain

I’v got a MsC in forestry and in fish and wildlife management. That makes me an academic angler. Does it help me to catch more fish you may wonder? Apparently not.

What pays the bills

I’m working as a fisheries manager/biologist with a mainly focus on habitiat- and fisheries management and everything that comes with it. I like it a lot.

Wannabe writer

I write articles for the Scandinavian fly fishing magazine Fiskefeber. I tend to write some 5-10 articles per year.

Photo studio

I don’t have a photo studio. I take a lot of photos in the outdoors and if I’m lucky a few of them get more than 20 likes on Instagram. Talking about Instagram, I’m running this one @steagr_photography

Amateur videography

Sometimes I try to put togheter some footage and publish it on a website called frontsidefly.com.