My services

If you want to you can hire me or my services. It may be for an hour and even days depending on your needs. What do I do you may ask yourself. To make it easy for both of us  I make a list of some of the work I offer.


Yes, you can buy photographs from me. You can also hire me for a photo shoot.

I’m thinking that you want some nice product photos or that you want me to follow you to your river and shoot some photos of you while you´re fishing.


Yes I can guide you. I can show you some of the best salmon pools in the northern Swedish rivers for some hours and you can even hire me for a day for tips and tricks.

In rare cases you can hire me as a guide to the mountains. I follow your crew for some days of fishing and work to your needs. Maby you need one that can show you how to fool the Arctic char or just an extra guy that gives you some tips even now and then.


Do you want me to come to your meeting or conference and talk about something? It may be biology,  management, photography or just a good fishing story.

These are some of the things I can do for you. Contact me if you’re interested and let’s be creative!



I can also make a fire and the best coffee ever. Photo: Emilie Björkman